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Bewitched Apples Recipe by Dronningen

Dear Dronningirls and Dronninguys,

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Here is a magical recipe we like to share with you: Bewitched Apples.

First of all this is a favourite with our band. Whenever we need a break from rehearsals and extra calories to perform, we like to enjoy them together.

It is a simple recipe, just follow the instructions below:


- 2 Eggs

- 2 Tablespoon of sugar

- 2 Tablespoon of white flour

- Half teaspoon of cinnamon powder

- Half of cup of whole milk

- 2 Red Royal Apples

- Vegetable Oil

- Icing Sugar

- 2 Tablespoon of Brandy (Optional)

1. Remove the core of the apples and slice them in rings of 0.5cm.

If you wish, you can leave them savour in Brandy for 10 minutes.

2. Whip egg whites in a bowl and separately blend the yolks with the sugar in a different one.

3. Add flour and cinnamon in the bowl with sugar and yolks.

Mix until well blended.

4. Add the egg whites to the mixed ingredients, blend and then add milk.

If the mixture is too liquid feel free to add more flour until you get the right

texture that will stick to the apples.

5. Heat a pan with 2cm of vegetable oil and once it is hot enough, dip the apple rings in the mixture and then quickly into the hot oil.

Make sure both sides of the rings are golden brown.

6. Strain the apple rings onto kitchen paper, add icing sugar and share with


Feel free to send your feedback and creative alternative variations.

Hormonally Yours,


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