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Dronningen* stands for warrior queen, resilience, strong faith in the imaginative power of each individual. It’s a celebration of diversity and the uniqueness of every single life.  


We believe in rejecting every form of pessimistic worldview and overcoming life’s adversities with a post-human attitude - that is to say, going further and beyond what is considered our normal state of being to reach a new level of consciousness.


We believe in dance as a purifying ritual.

It’s about finding a way to reconnect ourselves with ancient traditions and primal instincts that need to be expressed and released.

It’s first and foremost a catharsis involving us and the audience.


We believe that people are the queens and kings of their own cosmos: everyone is free and has the possibility to define themselves as well as evolve according to their own will.

*In Norwegian, Dronningen means “The Queen”.

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